National Association of High School
Aviation Clubs










The National Association of High School Aviation Clubs (NAHSAC—pronounced “nay`-sack”) is dedicated to:
  1. Helping high-school students, their parents, their teachers and school administrators to establish aviation clubs in their high schools.

  2. Establishing and maintaining a national network of high-school-aviation clubs.

  3. Providing an aviation-information hub for high-school students.

  4. Opening a portal to the aviation community for high school students.

  5. Educating high-school students about opportunities in aviation-and-aerospace education and employment.

Use the buttons at left to explore NAHSAC from your point of view:  student, parent, teacher-sponsor or school administrator.  NAHSAC offers free resources and guidance to all of these diverse partners.

NAHSAC is sponsored by the Center For Airmanship Excellence, Lewis University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Kishwaukee College, Women in Aviation International (Chicago chapter) and NAHSAC is working with the Federal Aviation Administration, Great Lakes Region, on building the pipeline to careers in the aviation industry.













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