National Association of High School
Aviation Clubs




Start An Aviation Club

Do you want to start an aviation club in your high school?  If you do, then NAHSAC can help you by providing you with a checklist of the steps you should take to set up your club and by providing you with other resources that will assist you in getting your club going.  Each high school has its own procedures to follow when setting up an extracurricular club.  The below process will give you a good general idea of how to proceed:

  1. Talk to your friends to get an idea of how many students would be interested in joining an aviation club. Ask them to explore the NAHSAC Website.  Start a sign-up list.

  2. Use innovative organizing techniques to further expand the list of students who want to participate.  Try handing out flyers, putting sign-up sheets in strategic locations, carry a clipboard with a sign-up sheet and ask random students to sign up if they’re interested.  Be sure to check to see if there are any restrictions in your school to doing this.  If there are, go to step “3” first.

  3. Talk to your school guidance counselor about starting an aviation club.  Your guidance counselor should be able to help you with the proper process to use in your school for starting a club.  Your guidance counselor should also be able to help you find a teacher in your school who will be willing to act as the aviation club’s sponsor.

  4. Secure a commitment from a teacher to serve as the “Sponsor” for your club.  Your school administration will probably make this a condition to approving your club.  Ask all of the potential sponsors to check out the NAHSAC Website.

  5. Follow your guidance counselor’s recommendations for securing all the approvals you’ll need from your school’s administrators for starting your aviation club.

  6. When you have all of the approvals that you need, hold an organizational meeting.

  7. Complete and submit an application for a free NAHSAC School Aviation Club Membership for your club.

  8. Refer to the “Run An Aviation Club” section of the NAHSAC Website for ideas on how to run your aviation club.